Obama con Biden (preface)

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Is Obama really a "new" Democrat who will bring us together, along with unspecified change (presumably for the better)?  That depends on your Clintonian definitions of the words "new," "Democrat" and "change."  Based on his uniformed pledge to remove troops from Iraq in 16 months (which might not even be possible), one might suggest replacing "new" with "naive." And, like his arrogant VP Joe "Higher IQ Than You" Biden, Senator Obama has an interesting way of "bringing us together" by insulting Nancy Reagan in his first speech after being elected president.  Maybe Biden was smarter than the average voter when he said that Obama isn't ready to be president.  So far, it seems that the Carter-Obama plan is to leverage America's dissatisfaction and promises of change to gain office to push the same old tax-and-spend and redistribute-the-wealth-to-those-who-voted-for-us Democratic agenda.  Now is not the time for that.


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